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1. NEW!  Be with Like-Minded
Individuals by joining the 
V.I.P. Circle 

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Marketing team meeting


2.  Intuitive Leadership Unlock Your Inner Knowing And Start To Intuit It Thru It!

Transform Leadership Skills with Intuitive Insights!
Improve Your Productivity When And Unlock Intuitive Mastery! Intuit Thru Situatuions
WOW SAVE $1000!
Next Cohort Starts August 5th 
Limited to 10 Students 

Members Check Your Email For A Special Offer and save $1000 on this $1200 course. 


3. Discover the Harmony of 10xLeading and 10xLiving 

Learn what it means to lead and live with a 10x Mindset. Be part of the 10x Inititive. 

MEMBERS click the MENU tab 10x Initiative and get a FREE essay on the concepts of 10xLeading and 10xLiving.

Be Better at Something!  Remove something that holds you back. 


Reserve a copy of Fitz' 6th book in her Heartbeat series called Harmony of 10xLeading and 10xLiving. CLICK HERE 

4.  Join Fitz's Vistage Peer Advisory Boards 

Get direct access to  Heart-based leaders with Vistage Peer Groups, and private coaching with Fitz.


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Fitz has three seats open on her CEO Peer Advisory Board. If you would like to apply and see if you qualify for this opportunity CLICK HERE. 

5. Spark Your Start-up and Create!

Do you have a business idea that’s been stuck in your head, and you need clarity on how to get it moving and launched?

Fitz loves mentoring start-ups and bringing clarity to your business ideas. If you have the ideas but not the business model, she will help you transform what's in your head into a solid business model, ready to launch your passionate ideas.




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6. Online Courses For Members

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7. Learn the Power of the Bold Love Energy & 
How To Stay Out of Life's MUCK

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This community is dedicated to advancing the awareness of Heart-based Intuitive–Humanized Leadership. Your guides are Cathy Fitz and Mary Pat Knight, who have decades of experience mentoring, guiding, and helping leaders transform using their intuitive intelligence.

Cathy Fitz and Mary Pat Knight possess unique skills that elevate leadership to a new level. Through their writing, teaching, and mentoring, they help you navigate whatever journey you are on.

It's part of the leadership journey: the highs and lows, the challenges, the responsibility, and knowing that you are being watched and followed. The leader’s heart cannot sing and express itself if you don’t know how to navigate through the difficult times.

What if you could unlock intuitive insights and wisdom that will help you face the challenges in your life?


Would you make better decisions?


Be more decisive, strategic, and achieve more in less time?

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