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Unlock your leadership and intuitive potential with

The Leading Heart Community with a FREE  membership experience offered by visionaries Cathy "Fitz" and Mary Pat Knight. 


This community attracts leaders, role-models, and high achievers who seek to advance their awareness of how

to live and lead in congruence and integrity with their heart. And with Bold Love, Beautiful Wisdom and Brave Will impact the world positively with your gifts, skills, and talents.


Transform yourself into a Heart-based and Humanized leader with our intuitive leading and living experiences that will broaden your skills and deepen your understanding of how to tap into your own wisdom when you understand your own innate intuitive intelligence.  


We offer a plethora of ways you can learn and connect with others as you embark on this amazing journey.

Connect with Fitz and Mary Pat Here.

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Join Our FREE Membership and BEGIN TO EXPERIENCE...

1. Getting Clear On Your Passion & Direction

Unveil your true calling with various paths to discover your own wisdom and knowledge that will inspire your Heart-based passionate leading and living every day in work and play.

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2. Connect with Like-Minded Individuals

Connect with like-minded individuals that understand

living a life of awareness and

leading and living from the

heart and guided by their

inner intuitive wisdom.


3. Spark Your Start-up and Create!

Dive into clarity for your business with Fitz. She will help you take what's in your head and create a business model that you can use to launch your passionate ideas. 

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4.  Get Direct Access To The NEW
Business L
eadership Coaching
& Mentoring

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Where leaders learn to use their "intuitive wisdom" along with data, analysis, reason and logic.

Get direct access to  Heart-based leaders with Vistage Peer Groups, and private coaching with Fitz.


Discover how to bring "leadership wisdom" into the organization with the Ignitor System that transforms leaders.

Head in Hands

Jump into the many programs we have 

available that will help you unlock your 

intuition and your inner guidance system.


5. Self-awareness Expansion- Our Intuition Experiences 

6. Wisdom Integration

We have a plethora of products and services that will help you move through life's MUCK with insightful wisdom that brings you the courage and brave to implement and manifest your hearts desires.

Are you ready?  Start exploring, expanding, educating and co-creating!
Join our community and let's build it together. 
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