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Quest Escape Retreats

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We offer a plethora of ways you can learn, relax, heal, and enjoy the company of only yourself or others. Each one of our "escapes" are a retreat that has been customized for the experience you want to achieve. 

At times, we will work with groups of individuals within our community to put together a "group" escape for simple enjoyment or for learning. 

Individual Escape:

Single Day, Three Day 

Group Escape: 

Single Day, Three day

Do you wish you could spend quality time with like-minded individuals who seek more than simply the superficial conversation?

Or do you prefer a one-to-three day intensive with one of our expert mentors?

You can choose from an "ala carte" menu of experiences and we will customized your escape to fit your needs. 


Here are a few escape themes...
(Escapes are done online, in-person and some can be be self-facilitated) 

New Beginnings. Changing your story, creating a new one.

Restoring Resilience By Conquering the Reactions (Enemies) Controlling Your Quality of Life.

Working and communicating  with your Innate Intuitive Intelligence.

The Start-up bootcamp. Taking your visionary idea and building a business model to launch it. 

Why Inclusion?  How to build a life including all hearts. 

T.I.K.  The Inner Knowing For Business Leaders 

It's A Human Issue. Heart-based Leadership and the Humanized Leader 

The Queen's Quest 

Understanding the vibration and frequency of Love

Meet your spiritual entourage.

The path to a wisdom download.

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