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Join The Leading Heart Community

For Individuals & Organizations

  • Monthly Membership

    Every month
    Pay $10 per month / 12 monthly payments
    • Free classes, courses and services for individuals
    • Free classes, courses and services for organizations
    • Free listing in the Conscious Community Directory $450 value
    • Free enrollment in Fitz's Online courses based on her books
    • Member's Exclusive Fireside Chats - Fitz & Experts
    • Member's can customize their own Quest Retreats
    • Free Children's corner with stories and songs
    • Peer to Peer Forums (Free and for a fee)
    • Free meditations released monthly
    • Free ways to network, and co-create with fellow members
    • Opportunities to be a community sponsor (members only)
    • Over $3000 worth of discounts on classes, courses, coaching
    • Sponsorship Opportunities In Concious Connection Directory
    • Continual member connection online events
    • Continual ways to co-create, ideate with like-minded peers
  • Ambassador/Member

    Special Membership/ Ambassadors Discount Code Required
    • Ambassadors membership is an exclusive offering
    • Ambassadors are influencers for The Leading Heart Community
    • Ambassadors may be asked to test the website or an offering
    • Ambassador memberships are for a lifetime (cancel anytime)

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