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Meditations To Help You Tap Into The Energy of Love, Wisdom and Will  

Meditation -  Becoming Mindful and Present 

Often, people claim to have never meditated. However, various activities such as exercising, engaging in artwork, walking, or playing an instrument can easily turn into a form of meditation.

Meditation occurs when you focus deeply on the activity at hand, blocking out the surrounding environment, and simply observing the present moment.

Scientific research has revealed that practicing a meditative state and disconnecting from our thoughts, surroundings, and identities bring numerous benefits to our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It serves as a way to calm the mind, allowing us to observe and tap into the wisdom of our innate intuitive intelligence.

Fitz offers complimentary meditation recordings to members of The Leading Heart Community. These audio recordings aim to support behavioral changes, reduce stress, and enhance energy levels and overall quality of life.

Meditation -  Alleviate Stress 

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