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Meditations To Help You Tap Into The Energy of Love, Wisdom and Will  

Meditation -  Becoming Mindful and Present 

Often people will say they have never meditated and yet, we know that whether we are exercising, doing some form of artwork, walking, playing an instrument, these activities can quickly become a meditation. 

When you bring your attention deeply into the activity and block out the environment around you, and you are simply in the present observing that moment, you are meditating.  

Science has found that by practicing a meditative state of being, and detaching from our minds, enviorments and identities, we bring many benefits to our physical, mindful and spiritual being.  It is way to open the door to settle the mind so that one could begin to observe, and seek the wisdom from their innate intuitive intelligence. 

Fitz offers free meditation recordings for the members of the Triple B Community providing them a variety of meditative audio recordings to assist with behavioral changes, reduce stress and improve energy and quality of life. 


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