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Lives to be BOLD in her work how she lives life...

She continually works to express her inner gifts and BEAUTY...

She embraces situations that can challenge her to be

and BRAVE...

Fitz has over 40 years of experience in helping individuals and businesses leaders transform their lives by living radically authentic, awakened, and willing to explore and tap into their pupose in life. Many of the people Fitz works with are CEOS, Presidents and Leaders who are building businesses, leading initiatives and causes, and launching innovative ideas. She has the heart for the under-dog, and the individual who has experienced difficult situations in life. She sees the wisdom and strength adversity brings. She sees their BOLD love, Beautiful WISDOM and BRAVE will. 


She has a strategic intuitive mind that helps in developing growth strategies and helping conscious leaders co-create. She is a connector, a collaborator and relies strongly on her innate intuitive intelligence to lead and open the doors to opportunity.

She is intuitive, empathic, and has the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. 

She also is invested in helping individual’s master "mental fitness" through a program called Positive Intelligence that was created within Stanford University and the work of Shirzad Charmain. 


Fitz also has published a book series called Heartbeat. Available now in print and Kindle is her book Heartbeat:  Why Heart-based Leadership And Courage Matter. In addition, in 2022, her second Heartbeat book will be released which is called Heartbeat:  Why Being Bold, Beautiful And Brave Matter  

Children have always been a way for Fitz to find extreme joy, and she has been creating children stories based on four fictious characters Rinky, Dinky, Stinky and Thinky available to be seen on YouTube. 

Each month, Fitz and nationally recognized experts and leaders in their field, through a monthly digital briefing called Smart Ideas Shared. Experts share their wisdom who deliver a vast wealth of relevant business topics. In addition, thought leaders providing new insights on health, wellness, and living life as a heart-based leader. 


​She is the host of the Spark The Heart Interviews where she will interview individuals who have amazing stories to share on how they led with their heart with Boldness, their Beauty and Bravery. 


When you get to know Fitz or have her mentor you, it will not take you long that she is a sensitive, intuitive, empathic coach, mentor and confidant. She also teaches a program called The Innate Intelligence System that helps individuals and leaders discover how to tap into and download their higher wisdom. 

One of the things Fitz is no stranger to is a fast pace of life, stress and the lessons that pounding the path of stress and achieving success can bring. She is a strong advocate for telling CEOs and leaders, high-achieving individuals to stop, be still and mindful. This has led her to create her guided meditations that she offers free to members of the Triple B community.


Fitz connects, works, and collaborates with individuals worldwide, who live from the heart and tap into a higher consciousness that guides and opens the path for adventures, learning and growth. Her adventures are never-ending and very impactful to the world. 

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