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Meet Cathy Fitzhenry, a remarkable entrepreneur, CEO mentor, coach, author, and professional board chair for Vistage Worldwide. With her exceptional intuitive intelligence, Cathy is an expert in bringing people together and building strong connections. Her passion for living a heart-based life is reflected in her writing and her mission to help others become better leaders by leading from the heart.

Cathy's extensive experience as a CEO mentor and coach has made her a trusted confidant to over fifty CEOs across the country. She has an impressive record of guiding businesses towards success and inspiring leaders to achieve their full potential. As a professional board chair for Vistage Worldwide, the world's leading CEO organization, Cathy provides invaluable guidance and support to CEOs and business leaders.

Cathy's writing career is equally impressive. She is the author of four books in The Heartbeat series, each offering unique perspectives on living and leading a heart-based life. Her first book, "HEARTBEAT: Why Heart-based Leadership and Courage Matter," is a must-read for anyone seeking to advance their leadership skills. Her second book, "HEARTBEAT: Why Bold Love, Beautiful Wisdom, and Brave Will Matter," chronicles her personal journey and provides insights on how to transform one's life and live a fulfilling existence. Her third book, "HEARTBEAT: How to Stay Out of Life's Muck and Tap into the Love Wisdom," offers practical guidance on navigating through life's challenges and difficult situations. Her fourth book, "HEARTBEAT: Conversations with My Heart," takes readers on a unique journey of self-discovery through personal conversations with the heart.

In addition to her writing career, Cathy is also a creator of "Rinky, Dinky, Stinky, and Thinky" children's stories. Through her imaginative stories, she encourages children to use their creativity and imagination to explore new worlds and ideas.

Cathy is a passionate advocate for mental fitness and positive intelligence, which she uses every day to tackle challenges and embark on new adventures. She loves connecting with like-minded individuals who share her growth mindset and desire to raise their level of consciousness and live an awakened life. For Cathy, life is all about soaring with eagles, and she is always seeking new ways to bring people together and connect them for a brighter future.

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