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Meet Cathy Fitzhenry, affectionately known as "Fitz." She is an extraordinary entrepreneur, CEO mentor, coach, author, and a trusted confidant to C-suite leaders. As the founder of The Leading Heart Community, her mission is to assist serious-minded individuals, leaders, and role models in enhancing their awareness of how to lead, live, and thrive with Heart-based Intuitive Sensory Wisdom.

Cathy's extensive experience as a CEO mentor and coach has earned her the trust of CEOs worldwide. With an impressive track record of guiding businesses to success, she inspires leaders to reach their full potential. Serving as a professional board chair for Vistage Worldwide, the world's leading CEO organization, Cathy provides invaluable guidance to CEOs and business leaders. She also works privately with individuals aspiring to achieve 10x Leading and 10x Living.

Fitz's writing career is equally remarkable, encompassing both business and personal development books for serious-minded individuals, leaders, change-makers, and role models. Her focus is on advancing the awareness of a wisdom that we can all access from within.

The common theme in Fitz's work is Heart-based Leadership and Living, creating harmony with 10x Leading and 10x Living, representing the extraordinary impact one can make in their leadership and living their heart's purpose.

Why settle for average or mediocre? Fitz believes that aligning with bold love from the heart brings wisdom and, subsequently, courage for the brave. You can read the story of how it all began by clicking [HERE].

Beyond her executive coaching and writing, Fitz hosts podcasts and shares interviews and thought-provoking content with Heart-based Leaders on her YouTube channel, "Two Chicks That Spark The Heart."


She also has a second YouTube Channel for children named "Rinky, Dinky, Stinky, and Thinky," featuring children's stories. Through imaginative tales, she encourages children to explore new worlds and ideas using their creativity and imagination.

Fitz loves connecting with like-minded individuals who share her growth mindset and the desire to raise their level of consciousness. Join her in advancing the awareness of Heart-based Intuitive Sensory Wisdom. She firmly believes that everyone can "Intuitive Through It" once they recognize the amazing tool they already possess.

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