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The Story Behind The Leading Heart & Bold, Beautiful & Brave (aka The Triple B !) 

At 2:38 a.m. on January 22nd, Fitz woke up from a sound sleep with three words on her mind: Bold, Beautiful, and Brave. Intrigued by her intuition and the appearance of these words in her thoughts, she wondered what they meant and if they described her. While she considered herself bold and brave, she was hesitant about the word "beautiful," thinking that it might be better to use the word "smart" instead. However, she felt an intuitive urge to create a tune, which soon evolved into a song with a chorus that said, "Welcome to The Triple B - Bold, Beautiful, and Brave!" The tune continued to play in her head non-stop, and she decided to record it the next day, hoping that her intuitive voice would quiet down.

As the new year unfolded, Fitz began to understand the meaning behind the three words. Bold represented Bold Love, Beautiful represented Beautiful Wisdom that we can download for insights and discernment, and Brave meant having a Brave Will to act on the wisdom. Over the course of 12 months, her intuitive voice guided her to author three new books for her Heartbeat series. The first new book was called Heartbeat: Why Bold, Beautiful, and Brave Matter. The series chronicles her journey of answering the nudge of Bold Love, experiencing the download of Beautiful Wisdom, and navigating through challenging times and painful situations.

Through her journey, Fitz learned how to deal with painful and fearful situations, which she calls the "egoic MUCK." This journey inspired her second new book, Heartbeat: How to Stay Out of Life's Muck by Tapping into the Love Wisdom, which provides insights on how to advance awareness and awaken to the energy of Love Wisdom to avoid being sucked into the Muck egoic energy.

After a year of heavy challenges, setbacks, and a lot of MUCK, Fitz looked back and discovered she had experienced a transformation. Daily, she was being guided by the Bold Love energy and the Love Wisdom, which allowed her to take brave action and publish her third new book, Heartbeat: Conversations with My Heart. She also was guided to create the Leading Heart Community. The community aims to give every member the opportunity to become connected with like-minded individuals and engage in their own journey of advancing their awareness on how to live a life in the love wisdom.

The world's energy is shifting, and many people are experiencing the polarizing effects of this shift, affecting families, work, and marriages. Fitz welcomes everyone's eagerness to advance their awareness and shift to a new level of consciousness. The community is engaging, and its goal is to help individuals tap into their inner Bold, Beautiful, and Brave energy, to live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

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