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The Story Behind The Leading Heart & The Triple B 


On January 22nd at 2:38 a.m. in the morning Fitz woke up from a sound sleep thinking about three words. The words were Bold, Beautiful, and Brave. Because she never thought of these three words before, or the combination of the three of them together she began to wonder why they appeared in her mind and what it all meant.

Do they describe me, she wondered? She would consider herself being bold and brave, but she wrestled with the word beautiful. She thought that maybe it would be better to say smart, as women often want to be recognized for their mind rather than their looks.

And then, intuitively she continued to download a tune, then a song, and a chorus that said; “Welcome to The Triple B” – Bold, Beautiful, and Brave!” The tune continued to play in her head, non-stop and later the next day she decided to record the tune as it seemed to have some hidden meaning or significance. And she had hoped by recording it, she could switch her mind off the three words.

It was a strange series of events. She began to wonder what did it all mean?  As the new year came into focus, she began to understand what the three words meant.

Bold meant – Bold Love.

Beautiful meant – Beautiful wisdom that we can download for insights and discernment

Brave meant- to take brave action with the wisdom

Soon, she was authoring another book for her Heartbeat series called:

Heartbeat:  Why Bold Beautiful and Brave Matter

For years, Fitz had owned the URL and initially she set it up to be a website to sell her books. However now she was discovering that this website was going to be a community for people and leaders of organizations who want to live bold, beautiful, and brave lives and advance their awakening to become greater versions of themselves.

Every member of The Leading Heart community can become connected to others who have different talents, perspectives, and experiences as they journey through life advancing their awareness of how to live life. This means living with the intention of expressing and experiencing bold love, downloading the beautiful wisdom, and then taking the brave action.

The world's energy is shifting, and many people are experiencing the polarized effects of this energy shift. It shows up in our families, our work, our marriages. Family and emotional systems that served us in the past now seem to make no sense.  Ask anyone and they will be able to share or recall some extra-ordinary drama in their life.  Be it drama or trauma, or incredible new awakened insights, we all are on the journey of shifting to a new level of consciousness.

This site is for those who are aware of the shift and want to be part of a community of individuals who are having similar experiences.  This is not a community built on title, or status or accomplishments.   

Fitz knows that it takes a team to help one achieve the vision. In fact, this is what The Triple B is all about. It is a vision that brings together the energy of bold love, and teaching people how to tap into the Love Wisdom and take the brave steps to do what they need to do. And it is best to do this together and leverage this type of energy and become a force of ones rather than a bunch of singular efforts of individuals.

So, welcome to The Leading Heart and the Triple B! It is exciting to you join us on this journey! Let’s co-create and collaborate!

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