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Embark on a transformative journey with the Heartbeat Trilogy within the Heartbeat Series, a collection that explores the profound dimensions of love, wisdom, and will. The first book, "Heartbeat: The Power of Bold Love, Beautiful Wisdom and Brave Will," by Cathy Fitzhenry, introduces readers to the energies of bold love, beautiful wisdom, and brave will, guiding them to transform pain into growth.


Moving forward, "Heartbeat: Staying Out of Life's Muck, by Tapping Into The Love Wisdom" challenges conventional beliefs about logical understanding and offers a sanctuary within the love energy to break free from life's chaos.


Finally, "Heartbeat: Conversations with My Heart" takes readers on an extraordinary journey into the realm of wisdom, as Fitzhenry fearlessly navigates life's challenges through her innate intuitive intelligence. These signed and discounted books, shipped for free within the U.S., promise a trilogy that goes beyond conventional narratives, offering practical guidance, engaging storytelling, and profound insights. Experience personal growth, break free from life's muck, and embrace the transformative power of love and wisdom within this exceptional trilogy releasing on February 14, 2024.

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Heartbeat: Harmony 10x Leading and 10x Living is a transformative guide that delves into the essence of Heart-based leadership, providing readers with profound insights and practical strategies to achieve 10x harmony in both leading and living intuitively. The book  addresses a crucial aspect of this unique approach to leadership and life and provides a guide to transcend traditional measures of success, understanding that true leadership goes beyond mere financial gains, lifestyles, and accolades.

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HEARTBEAT:  Why Heart-based Leadership And Courage Matter  

What is heart-based leadership? Is it servitude leadership, which is often described as “sharing the power” and “putting the needs of others first”? Heart-based leaders do lead with servitude; however, they have specific qualities that change the trajectory of their organizations, their personal relationships and the impact they make on the world. This book will help you discover the leadership traits of the future.

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THE HUMANIZED LEADER -Available On Amazon and Audible 
The Humanized Leader:  The Transformational Power of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership To Impact Culture, Team and Business Results
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 More importantly, the world needs your humanized leadership. You must create trust, clearly communicate, coach powerfully, and customize every step of the way to the various types of people you are privileged to lead. This leader is ever aware that other humans execute the processes which drive the profits – people are always at the center.

This book lays out in 12 engaging chapters, a proven path to developing yourself and your teams. You will gain the mindset and skillset to:             

  • Show up in authentic and conscious leadership             

  • Manage workplace emotions – yours and theirs             

  • Communicate with clarity and connection             

  • Guide performance to build a culture of accountability         

  • Understand your own secret sauce of genius and appreciate it in others 

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