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Becoming A Speaker

Course Objectives

Their Journey Has Changed. It's not the time to gamble on leadership. What if... you, as a leader of leaders, helped Vistage members discover how to navigate shifts, changes, and the new paradigm? What if they learned and knew they could trust your advice? How far could they go? How far could you go? What could you achieve with your personal brand if you found yourself invested in authentic, trusted relationships at the C-suite level? What if you built rapport and positioned yourself as a “partner and thought leader”? Imagine presenting your insights and wisdom and receiving market insights from CEOs, Presidents, and leaders firsthand through authentic conversations with them. Would you begin to leverage the power of your wisdom in a room full of attentive CEOs? Since 1957, Vistage has been bringing together high-integrity CEOs, executives, and business owners into private advisory groups. Each group is purpose-built to help members improve the performance and outcomes of their businesses. In our groups, about a dozen executives meet once a month to solve problems, evaluate opportunities, and work on a variety of strategic and operational issues. They are introduced to worldwide experts who speak for 2-3 hours on topics such as: Leadership Sales & Marketing Key Performance Indicators/Productivity Financial Metrics/Economics Hiring, Firing, Retaining Talent Technology, Security Personal Development & Leadership Now, Cathy "Fitz" Fitzhenry will mentor and coach you on how to gain access to this remarkable market of C-suite leaders and position yourself as a Vistage speaker in their speakers' bureau.


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