The Listener's 

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The Listeners are someone that you simply like to be with, because they are loving and compassionate. The know how to create a safe container.

The would be the one who truly understand the energy of love for all that it is without the doctrines or rules that are followed. The bring no judgement, no advice, just a caring heart.

They are one that you are drawn to because you know they will listen to you as you pour out your troubles to them. They will be in the love energy all the time you are talking. 

These are the kinds of people that you will meet when you hire a "Listener." 

There is something happens when you are in the presence of someone who sits patiently, relaxed, non-judgmental and engaged in every word you say. It is in these moments we find ourselves releasing from our mind the scattered, complex, often scattered, thoughts. 

There is no specific advice given, no questions asking what you could do better. No coaching, mentoring,'s simply listening. 

We all need a listener at times in our life to create a safe space container for us to place the thoughts in our mind. A place to the emotions and observe them as they leave our mind. 

When you are with a professional listener, you will be amazed at how much clarify you discover just by releasing the thoughts, pulling back and observing them and placing them in this imaginary container that is safe. 

You begin to feel understood, and feel compassion, empathy and caring. Often many will say they gain clarity and feel empowered. 

When one is truly listening with their heart, their intuition it is more than just hearing words.  Active intuitive listening is about listening for context. The listener pays attention to tone, pace, and other nonverbal cues like facial expressions. To be an active listener one must be very good at mindfulness and getting to the state of "being" rather than doing. They are an observer and fully aware with all of their five senses plus their innate intuitive intelligence. 

Fitz understands what it means to be a listener.  She considers herself a professional listener and uses this skill often in her coaching and mentoring.  However, there are many times when she simply shows up as the listener.  She knows what it means to be an active listener and intently focus on what the other person is saying. She uses her innate intuitive intelligence to guide her to hear the message. 

She also knows what it is like when nobody has listened to her during great times of struggle or challenge in her own personal life.  One of the best medications she ever received was from a doctor who said, I am going to send someone to just listen to you every four hours. You need to get out all that is bundled up inside your physical, emotional and mental state. It was an amazing experience for her. 

And, this is why Fitz feels it is important to have "listeners" within the Triple B Community. Professional listeners who are great at being in the present moment, have the energy to calm and the empathetic spirit to connect with the person they are listening to. 

Listening sessions are 30 minutes to one  hour in length and we hope when you need someone to simply listen, you book a session if you feel we can serve you.