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A Triple B Learning Experience


This is a self-facilitated course led by Cathy Fitzhenry based on her book called, Heartbeat:  How to Tap  Stay Out of The MUCK and 

This course provides a learning experience that will help you understand how to observe, witness, experience and the 3D- world without having to attach your thoughts to your egoic self and always end up in the MUCK. There are nine lessons that guide you into the discovery of what consciousness is.  The energies that exist within the consciousness, and specifically how to download the LOVE WISDOM energy for insights, wisdom, and clarity on how to navigate the challenges you face in life.  

LESSON ONE - The Love Wisdom Energy and Consciousness


LESSON TWO - Dare to Believe -It is All About the Energy & Wisdom


LESSON THREE - The Power of Surrendering and Getting a Different Perspective on the 3D Game of Life


LESSON FOUR - Tapping into Your Innate Intuitive Intelligence and Receiving Daily Downloads of Wisdom  


LESSON FIVE - How to Practice Your Spiritual Sensing


LESSON SIX - The Trickery of MUCK- It is Actually What You Need Each Day


LESSON SEVEN - The Super Storms in Life - A Total F' **up' Life


LESSON EIGHT - Perspective Is the Door – Open It

LESSON NINE - Exercises and Suggestions on How to Stay Healthy in Mind, Body, and Spirit so You can Hear the Wisdom   


This course is facilitated by Cathy Fitzhenry with recorded videos, and members can purchase the book if they want a printed version to follow along.   

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