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Tasha "Pinky" Wright   
A Bold, Beautiful and Brave Woman 


Tasha understands what is like to lose a child, struggle to make ends meet, be judged, shamed and excluded. 

And when adversity came her way at times she stumbled, fell into depression, felt lost and struggled emotionally, financially and physically.  Yet, that never stopped her from seeking joy.


She naturally has a strong inner voice, a calling from a higher power that always told her to use every situation to grow.  She has the inner strength to look beyond the past, and remove the negative feelings of judgement and create a life of joy and love.


She would say it isn't always easy, but it can be done. She understands what it means to say get into the frequency of love’s vibration and it will bring you to the wisdom that your heart can hear.  And, in doing this you will become brave and courageous to move on with a will to change your life.

Tasha resonates very much with the energy of The Triple B and the three key words:  Bold, Beautiful and Brave. She is a strong ambassador for the heart energy of love, and she frequently shares her wisdom with Cathy Fitz and has walked side-by-side with her for over a decade as a close confidant, daughter and supporter. 

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