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Tasha "Pinky" Wright   
A Bold, Beautiful and Brave Woman 


 Meet Tasha - a woman who understands firsthand the challenges of losing a child, struggling to make ends meet, and facing judgement and exclusion.


Despite stumbling and experiencing depression and emotional, financial, and physical struggles, Tasha never lost her spirit for seeking joy. With a strong inner voice and a calling from a higher power to use every situation for growth, she has the inner strength to move beyond the past and remove negative feelings of judgement to create a life of joy and love.


Tasha believes that getting into the frequency of love's vibration can bring wisdom to the heart and inspire bravery and courage to move forward and change one's life.


As a strong ambassador for the heart energy of love, Tasha resonates with the energy of The Triple B - Bold, Beautiful, and Brave. She has shared her wisdom with Cathy Fitz for over a decade as a close confidant, daughter, and supporter.

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