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Snicks, Giggles and laughter. Laugh Till you cry. Giggle till the tears flow. Do it daily.
Happy Portrait
Senior Gay Couple
Friends at Party
Happy Teens
Women Laughing on Beach
Best Friends
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Science has studied the physiology of laughter. It creates endorphins and laughter can do many things that are healthy for our mind, body, spirit, and much more. It’s also contagious!


So, check this spot constantly as we will be adding fun things to create that laughing, loving moment. 

The gift of laughter is when you can process your journey in life with laughter!

Never go a week without laughing! Laughter is a heart-to-heart connection.

And so, enjoy some of the things that Fitz, Stephanie Mary Pat and

Tasha have found to keep them creating the laughing energy!


Laughing Yoga
Funny Videos - (Please review before showing to children, this is not the Children's Corner  of the portal.)

Swami Beyondananda - Comedian

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