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Private Sessions & Working With Fitz 

Fitz has over 20,000 hours of coaching, mentoring and being a private confidant and listener to those who are: 

* Individuals who want to lead their field 

* HIgh-profiled individuals 

* CEO, presidents or business leaders 

* Change makers and new thought leaders

* Gifted Individuals 

* Individuals who want to advance their awareness and awaken their intuitiveness.

She only works with people from the The Leading Heart  Community and through Vistage Worldwide- The World's Leading CEO Organization. 

Fitz only works with a few individuals per year and customizes the experience to the needs of the individual. It may include several intensive 3-day retreats, or  online sessions scheduled as needed. Everyone is different, and everyone has a different nudge or calling of what they need to uncover, discover, leverage, define, explore, intuit and much more. 


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