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Ivy Wright 
Chief Giggle Maker And Triple B Singer 

As the first person to learn The Triple B song, Ivy has become a shining example of its energy and power. Even as a young and playful child, Ivy understands the importance of feeling Bold, Beautiful and Brave as she enters each day. She is a true ambassador for The Triple B, and her enthusiasm for its message is contagious.

Ivy is not only a fan of the song, but also loves the "Rinky, Dinky, Thinky, Stinky " stories and affectionately calls Cathy "Fitz" - her GG. As she continues to grow up in The Leading Heart Community, Ivy will undoubtedly be a valuable test marketer and a source of inspiration for others.

So go ahead and enjoy the infectious energy of Ivy and her GG as they sing The Triple B song constantly!

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