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Peer 2 Peer Forums 

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If you already a member and are interested in joining a

Peer 2 Peer group, we will need you to fill out the questionnaire

by clicking the link below. 

Ever hear the English proverb that says, "birds of a feather, flock together."  It's true, isn't it?  

Have you ever felt like you just didn't fit in?  Or you simply could not find your tribe? 

It's a great feeling when we are among people who bring out our best, they listen well, help us through critical moments and challenges. When we have a group of people that allow us to be our authentic self, without being judged. Everyone needs this, be it the CEO, the President, Business owner, Clergy, Parent, Sibling, Caregiver, teacher, nurses, and YOU! 


This is when we begin to build authentic relationships, co-create, find the synergies and the courage to exercise our will and find our voice.

You are not alone. There are many people just like you that want to be among people who seek to understand you, support you, and help you take the action, and ideate on that which you imagine and seek to become a reality.

The Triple B Community has an amazing plethora of talented individuals who know if they can leverage the wisdom of their peers, they can get faster to where they want to go. Everyone needs a support group who has a non-judgmental approach to listening, understanding, and validating your situation.


These forums bring people together to support, collaborate, and tap into each other’s wisdom, leverage connections and resources. These forums are organically grown and created within the Triple B Community. Meet up with a forum on a regular basis and never walk your path in life alone. 


It is important to make the unconscious conscious and to build relationships with others who have the same intention and understand your struggle. Together when we b ring the bold energy of love, the beautiful wisdom and the brave will we begin to discover, learn, be curious and have engaging conversations and build friendships that will last a lifetime. 

Fitz has been involved in Peer 2 Peer forums for most of her life. She's a BIG believer in having a tribe. She is part of a Peer 2 Peer group that helps her with her businesess and then also one with her personal life. You may belong to a a Peer group of only 3-5 or 8 people, but they are there for you through the good and the bad. They understand you. The don't focus on the superficial conversations, they focus on the matters of the heart, be it you work, your health, family, or creative ideas you want to see manifested. 

Peer to Peer Forums are organically created on a continual basis and by request. Please CLICK Here to send an email and set up a consultation on how you might start a Peer 2 Peer Forum within the community. 


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