Welcome to The Leading Heart's Triple B Community! We are glad you are here and hope you become a member and become actively engaged in our community. If you are not yet a member there are parts of the site that you will not have access to, however you can discover what members get when they join.

Let Your Heart Guide You. We believe that every person that lands on the Tiple B website has been intuitively guided to this site. It's not by accident, but instead by synchronicity and your innate intuitive intelligence. We also want your heart to guide you as you interact with our community members. Use the site to expand, explore, educate, and evolve. 

How and why was the Triple B Created? There is a story behind the Triple B, and Cathy Fitz shares the story in a short video. It was not created because she needed something more to do, it was created because of what she heard from her Innate Intuitive Intelligence and tapping into the Bold Love, the Beautiful Wisdom and then have the Brave Will to develop this one-of-a-kind community.

How to Navigate this, Portal. You will find that the countless benefits, features and offerings of this site are listed under the menu tab; Expand, Explore, Educate and Evolve. You can click on each of the offerings to learn more, however you will need to become a member to enjoy the benefits many of which are free!

What You Get When You Join the Triple B?  Click on the "Expand, Explore, Educate and Evolve."   Many people want to know what all is included in the $34.00 monthly membership. And there is a plethora of free products, services, and programs. Such as our Who’s Who Community Connection Directory which is a $450 value for free! Some of our courses, programs, and services will require a fee, and many of them have big discounts for our members or are only offered to our community.

Once you become a member you will be granted access to the membership area of this site. This is where the community lives, thrives, learns, co-creates, collaborates. We have programs for organizations, individuals, families, and kids! 

Become A Member Now. This is a membership site only. Periodically we may share a few videos on YouTube and social media to get the word out, but our membership is growing fast because our members are connected by the energy of their hearts, their innate intuitive intelligence, and their intentions. 


Meet Fitz and The Advisors. We'd like to introduce ourselves. There are many people behind the scenes who are testing our sight and helping us co-create it. However, you will see three key leaders of the site who are:  Cathy Fitzhenry the founder, Mary Pat Knight- co-founder, and Stephanie Shipper who is a co-founder. All three of them have over 75+ years mastering their core-competencies, skills, and knowledge. They are intuitive, really on their innate intelligence and skills in guiding the heart-based energy of this community.

The Login Box. Once you are a member, you will simply log in the upper right-hand corner and click open the little box. Put in your username and passcode and your "Member ONLY Menu will drop down."  The list will get you into the "back area of the community" that is exclusively for members.