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Welcome to The Leading Heart's Triple B Community! We are thrilled to have you here and hope you will become a member and actively participate in our community. While certain parts of the site may be restricted to non-members, you can discover the benefits of joining by simply clicking on the menu above.

At The Leading Heart, we believe that every person who has found their way to our portal has been intuitively guided here. It's not a coincidence, but rather a manifestation of synchronicity and your innate intuitive intelligence. We encourage you to let your heart guide you as you engage with our community members. Utilize the site to expand your horizons, explore new perspectives, educate yourself, and evolve your consciousness.

Tour The Leading Heart Community.  Explore The Leading Heart Community. Discover what we have to offer by watching these videos recorded by Fitz. They are designed to help you navigate and become familiar with the Leading Heart portal.

Tour- The Member Login Area 
Tour- The Welcome & About Pages 
Tour- Classes, Courses and Services 
Tour- Spark The Heart - Nuggets,
Knowledge Breaks & Stories 
Tour- The Who's Who Directory 
Tour- The Free Stuff 
Tour- The Quest Retreats - Custom Retreats Created 
for Our Members 

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