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Healing The Trauma - Restoring The Heart
A Transormative Approach To Trauma Recovery
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This program is one of kind, and will provide you with four unique ways to enhance your current practice. The program is for health care professionals, individual practitioners, coaches and those in ministry.

There are a limited number of students are accepted into this program on an annual basis. If you are interested in this program begin by filling out the a pre-approval application to determine if you qualify and if this program is a good fit for you. Once we receive your pre-approval application, Stephanie will contact you for the next steps. 


"Stephanie Shipper's techniques are advanced,

unconventional and combine her Cross-disciplinary

expertise in neuro-linguistics, kinesiology, intentional prayer

& brain-based change."

"When the student is ready the teacher will appear"- Buddha 

If you have personally dreamed that you could immeasurably and positively change your suffering and the suffering of others...the teacher is now present. 

After 35 years to her own traumas and myriad cases and methods a teaching /teacher has been gifted with a rare synthesis for recovery; This method transforms darkness into diamonds, misery into conscious transformation.

Have you personally witnessed someone that followed standard mental health protocols

and is still stuck?

Do you know people that keep going back for more pills to feel less miserable who no longer believe that something better is possible?

Have you personally experienced hitting a wall with a chronic condition…years later you are

no further along?

Transformative Recovery is Real


In any successful learning experience 50% of the responsibility is the trainer/teacher/mentor/coach and 50% is the responsibility of the participant showing up and doing homework.

The program will require that you meet 7 hours online per month along with three to five 1.5 days in person retreats in Omaha, NE over 12 mo. (On months we do not meet in person we will be online)



Training offered includes Four Chapters:


Chapter One:  Patterns of Neuro-linguistic Programming focused on.

1.    Establishment of Subconscious Rapport/ Learning Styles- 3.5 hours

2.    Decision-making Strategies- 3.5 hours- 1 mos.

3.    Well- Formed Outcomes- 3 hours

4.    Deep Questioning Skills that go from Surface to Center of a Problem-3 hours- 2 mos.

5.    Perceptual Filters- 3 hours, knowing that Change has Happened

6.    Patterns that Invoke Resourceful States- 3 hours- mos.




Chapter Two:  Basic Kinesiology to Develop Empowerment for the Client

‘Each person has an inner knowing, kinesiology teaches that natural intelligence

Or knowing resides within each person.’


1.    Switching on the Brain/Hydration - Weekend/Day 1/Sat (in person), 4 mos.

2.    Learning Basic Muscle Testing -Sat/ 6 hours

3.    Developing Surrogacy for Remote Treatment

4.    Circuit Locating to be Sure Your Client’s Brain is Switched On- Day 2/ 3 hours

5.    The Language of Checking Responses


Chapter Three: Goals and the Language of Prayerful/Healing Intention

1.    How Negative Language is Grave Digging- Power of Language- 3 hours, 

2.    “Prayer is that Constant Thought Upon Which the Mind Dwells”

3.    ‘Thought Leaders do not React, They Interact with the Possible Good”

4.    Essential Nature of Leading with a Healed Goal-Ethics of a Healed Goal

5.    Development of Goals:  Positive, Present Time, & Exciting Outcomes – 3 hours, 5th mos.

6.    Understanding the Saboteur – What Prevents the Goal from Manifesting?

7.    Undoing the Myth of the Saboteur; A=B=C and therefore D, Using the Language of the Saboteur  3.5 hours 

8. Powerful Prayer Formats -Dealing with the ‘Enemy ‘Within with Intentional Prayer

9. Prayer Wall- Healer Heal Thyself, 3hours, 6 mos.


Chapter Four:  Trauma Recovery- Neurological Techniques for Healing

1.    What defines Trauma? The Neurochemistry Necessary to Change

2.    ACES- Acute Childhood Events; Why Talking Will Not Heal the Reactions, 3 hours

3.    Intake Forms/ Waiver/Trauma History/ Dual Relationship

4.    Finding the Realm & Order for Recovery

5.    Visual Neurological & Auditory Circuit Clearing

6.    Primitive Brain Reflexes & How They Affect the Healing of Trauma, 3 hours, 7 mos.

7.    Establishing Antidotes for Bruised Emotions; Emotion Code Handout

8.    Heart Wall Work; Moving Locked Emotions, 3 hours

9.    Basic Amygdala Depotentiation Protocols, 2nd Weekend

10.  Future Pacing the Recovery; Testing all Symptom Patterns for Permanent

change, 3 hours, 8 mos.


Chapter Five:  Supervision with Clients

6 hours a month, applying the techniques to cases and personal work (Month 9-12)

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