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Don't Hesitate, Activate your Intuition!
Begin our 5-day Hunches to Clarity Challenge

Take The Challenge 
Unlock Your Innate Intuitive Intelligence
5 Days
with 5 Ways 
for 5 Reasons

Discover five powerful ways to set you up  to tap into and unleash the profound wisdom of your innate intuitive intelligence.

Embark on a transformative journey over the course of five days, delving deeper into the rich experience that opens the door to profound insights.

Engage in a profound exploration of your innate intuitive intelligence and its unique methods of communication, elevating your awareness to new, advanced levels.

As you embrace each of these five practices, allowing them to unlock the gates to your innate intuitive guidance, you will find yourself gradually ascending to a profound state of awakening within your own being.

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What if...
your hunch
was more than a hunch? 


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5 Reasons Why It Works WHY It  Can Work For YOU.


Get more time by downloading wisdom to avoid staying up all night thinking.

Download wisdom to gain clear direction and avoid negative self-talk.

Improve decision-making by downloading wisdom and avoid second-guessing.

Take the pain out of finding the right idea with downloaded wisdom.

Let wisdom guide you to the next right move and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Discover new perspectives on situations that cause you angst and trigger you.

Let wisdom guide you to the next right move and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

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5 More Reasons Why People Need This Challenge Outline

What If You Could?


Our innate intuitive intelligence often goes unnoticed and unrecognized amidst discussions on success, finance, personal development, leadership, entrepreneurship, family values, and social impact.

Addressing the topic of our innate intuitive intelligence openly and purposefully is crucial because it serves as our inherent guiding compass, accessible to each and every one of us..

Experiencing unexplained hunches and intuitive insights, I often wished for a mentor and guide to help me gain clarity on accessing and utilizing this innate power to transform my life.

 Embarking on this transformative journey, it's vital to seek support and learn from those who are also opening the door to advanced awareness and awakening, as we navigate a new way of living and recognize the subtle cues of intuitive wisdom attempting to communicate with us.

 When you dedicate five days and commit to spending just five to ten minutes each day on this challenge, you might wonder, "Why should I bother?" The answer is straightforward: I strive to eliminate any obstacles and encourage you to question, "What do I stand to lose?" Remember the concept of The Triple Fives: 5 days, 5 ways and 5 reasons why you were compelled to embark on this journey, you will uncover your own five compelling reasons to continue honing this skill.

Request the 5 DAY CHALLENGE of the 5 WAYS to unlock your innate intuitive intelligence and begin the challenge of starting to advance your awarness and awakening. 

Meet Cathy "Fitz," a distinguished entrepreneur, CEO mentor, coach, author, and seasoned professional serving as the board chair for Vistage Worldwide. With an extraordinary blend of intuitive intelligence, Fitz excels in uniting people and nurturing robust connections.

Her sincere mission revolves around empowering individuals to evolve into exceptional leaders by accessing their intuitive guidance system and leading from the heart.

Passionate about mental fitness and positive intelligence, Fitz fearlessly confronts challenges and embraces novel adventures. She actively seeks like-minded individuals who share her growth mindset and aspire to elevate their consciousness, embracing a life of awakened purpose.

Fitz envisions a future where people come together, creating connections that pave the way for a brighter tomorrow. In pursuit of this vision, she founded The Leading Heart Community in 2023 and authored three impactful books as part of her Heartbeat Book Series, now available on Amazon. Currently, Fitz is diligently working on two new business books in the Heartbeat Series, set to be published by Hay House Publications/Balboa Press.

These upcoming books promise invaluable insights and a roadmap for tapping into intuitive wisdom to navigate life's challenges. Fitz's commitment to heart-based living and leading is evident in every facet of her work.

No stranger to complexity and overcoming adversity, "Fitz" thrives in challenging situations, approaching new beginnings with grace and resilience.

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Cathy "Fitz" Fitzhenry

Meet Fitz, The Creator of Your Challenge




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I wholeheartedly back my programs and am confident in the immense value they will bring to you. I firmly believe in the potency of the five ways and exercises to unlock new perspectives in your life as you embrace and explore your innate intuitive intelligence.

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to me, and if, for any reason, you are not satisfied, I will gladly refund your payment, no questions asked. I kindly request that you give the program your full effort and complete all five exercises before seeking a refund.

I am dedicated to advancing your awakening, and I firmly believe that these exercises will serve as a powerful tool in achieving that goal.


Copyright 2023, Cathy Fitzhenry. All Rights Reserved.

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