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Personal Development and Wellness

Discover by scrolling down all the  products, services and online courses available for personal for our members. 

Take The Challenge 
Unlock Your Innate Intuitive Intelligence
5 Days
with 5 Ways 
for 5 Reasons


This is a self-facilitated challenge that will take you through 5 steps that you implement over 5 days. These five steps are the initial stages that will help you unlock and access your intuitive wisdom.

(Once you completed this course take the next FREE course called - HOw To Stay Out Of LIfe's Muck By Tapping Into The Love Wisdom. See below.)

FREE COURSE - Discover and Learn with Fitz - 
How to Stay Out of LIfe's MUCK by 
Tapping Into the Love Wisdom 
STay out of the muck course cover .png

Are you tired of feeling stuck in the "muck" of life? Do you want to tap into the power of Love Wisdom to manifest your desires and open up new possibilities?

Join our FREE course, exclusively for members of The Leading Heart community, where Fitz will guide you through 10 lessons on how to get into the vibration of Love Wisdom and leverage its frequency to transform your life.

Through pre-recorded videos and exercises, you will learn how to stay connected to the energy of Love Wisdom, which can guide you towards your goals and help you navigate the challenges of everyday life. Each lesson is approximately 15 minutes long, making it easy to fit into your busy schedule.

Whether you're looking to manifest abundance, improve your relationships, or simply find more joy and fulfillment in your life, this course will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to tap into the power of Love Wisdom and create the life you truly desire.

Don't miss out on this FREE opportunity to transform your life. Join The Leading Heart community and start your journey towards greater happiness, abundance, and success today!

Reprogram The Mind & Develop A Mental Fitness Guidance System with the POSITIVE INTELLGENCE Training

Five Star Reviews! 

positive intelligence.png
Your Family 
When You Enroll
(Must be over 
18 years)  

Five Star Reviews! 

manage your mind
with a mental fitness program

Coaching, Mentoring and Listening Sessions With Fitz Your Private Confidant
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Fitz has over 20,000 hours of coaching, mentoring and being a private confidant and listener to those who are: 

* Individuals Who Want To Lead Their Field

* HIgh-profiled Individuals 

* CEO, Presidents or Business Leaders 

* Change Makers 

* Gifted Individuals 

* Heart-based Individuals 

Fitz only works with people from the Triple B Community and through Vistage Worldwide- The World's Leading CEO Organization.    


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Fitz coaches in the follwoing areas:

* Tapping Into Your Intuitive

   Intelligence And Downloading Wisdom

   for Guidance in Everyday life 

* Real estate investing 

* Launching A Start- Up Business

* C-Suite/ Executive Leadership Coaching 

* Mental Fitness and Positive Intelligence 

Mediations Recorded by Fitz Monthly
Order a Custom/Tailormade Meditation Visualization For a Fee of $497
Meditations with fitz cover2.png

Fitz knows the power and healing that can occur when one practices meditaiton and visualization. For years she has been recording her own scripts and now offers the community free meditations and releases 8-12 new ones per year.


And, if you'd like to get a customized meditation trailor-made for you, she will do it for you! This is for members only. 

Book A Listening Consultation - With A Professional Listener

 Experience the power of being heard and truly understood with our online listening sessions.


Our skilled listeners provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to express yourself and release the clutter in your mind. You'll be amazed at how much clarity you can gain by simply talking to someone who is fully present and engaged with your words.


Our listening sessions offer a unique opportunity to let go of your complex and egoic stories and observe them from a distance.


With our support, you can place your thoughts in an imaginary container and watch them transform into a clearer and more manageable perspective. Try our listening sessions today and discover the incredible transformation that comes from being heard.

Copy of  The Listeners 1500 x ) (1).png
Portrait of Young Man
"So much to say, nobody to 
FREE COURSE - Energy Medicine With Fitz 
Energy Medicine5.png
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This is a self-facilitated online class that offers you pre-recorded videos, and exercises that Fitz uses to align and herl imbalances in her energy field. 

She starts every morning with a routine of releasing negative energy, aligning energy and sending healing energy to others. 

This class is  FREE for Triple B Members.


Coming Soon!

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Healing The Trauma - Restoring The Heart
A Transformative Approach To Trauma Recovery

"Stephanie Shipper's techniques are advanced, unconventional and combine her Cross-disciplinary expertise in neuro-linguistics , kinesology, intentional prayer & brain based change. 

"When the student is ready the teacher will appear"-  Buddha 

If you have personally dreamed that you could immeasurably and positively change your suffering and the suffering of others...the teacher is now present. This is for health care professionals, individual practitioners, coaches and those in ministry.

After 35 years to her own traumas and myriad cases and methods a teaching /teacher has been gifted with a rare synthesis for recovery; This method transforms darkness into diamonds, misery in to conscious transformation.

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First 12 month course launched in March 2023 and sold out!  We are taking applications for are next session.
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Have you ever asked yourself: who would I be if I stopped living life based on a painful story?

Up until today has your personality been a composite of the limiti ng stories that sti ll haunt you?


Have you wondered who you might be if this story was not defi ning your life any more?

Ready to write a new story based on Victory & Freedom from your ‘Enemy’ (unresolved stories/ traumas)?


Welcome, you have come to the right place! All of us are Divinity wrapped in human fears and limitati ons. I believe it is your birthright to fulfi ll your passions & fully potentiate!  

Create or Join an Existing Peer Forum - and MEET UP with Like Minded Individuals to Collaborate, Ideate, Support, Leverage Wisdom

The Leading Heart Community has an amazing plethora of talented individuals who know if they can leverage the wisdom of their peers, they can get faster to where they want to go and share journeys.


Everyone needs a support group who has a non-judgmental approach to listening, understanding and validating your situation. These forums bring people together to support, collaborate, and tap into each other’s wisdom, leverage connections and resources. 


These forums are organically grown and created within the The Leading Heart community.  Meet up with a forum on a regular basis and never walk your path in life alone. 

Many Forums Are
FREE To Join !
Want to start 
a forum?  Contact us .
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