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Personal Development and Wellness

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FREE COURSE - Discover and Learn with Fitz - 
How to Stay Out of LIfe's MUCK by 
Tapping Into the Love Wisdom 
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Are you tired of feeling stuck in the "muck" of life? Do you want to tap into the power of Love Wisdom to manifest your desires and open up new possibilities?

Join our FREE course, exclusively for members of The Leading Heart community, where Fitz will guide you through 10 lessons on how to get into the vibration of Love Wisdom and leverage its frequency to transform your life.

Through pre-recorded videos and exercises, you will learn how to stay connected to the energy of Love Wisdom, which can guide you towards your goals and help you navigate the challenges of everyday life. Each lesson is approximately 15 minutes long, making it easy to fit into your busy schedule.

Whether you're looking to manifest abundance, improve your relationships, or simply find more joy and fulfillment in your life, this course will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to tap into the power of Love Wisdom and create the life you truly desire.

Don't miss out on this FREE opportunity to transform your life. Join The Leading Heart community and start your journey towards greater happiness, abundance, and success today!

Reprogram The Mind & Develop A Mental Fitness Guidance System with the POSITIVE INTELLGENCE Training

Five Star Reviews! 

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Your Family 
When You Enroll
(Must be over 
18 years)  

Five Star Reviews! 

manage your mind
with a mental fitness program

Coaching, Mentoring and Listening Sessions With Fitz Your Private Confidant
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Fitz has over 20,000 hours of coaching, mentoring and being a private confidant and listener to those who are: 

* Individuals Who Want To Lead Their Field

* HIgh-profiled Individuals 

* CEO, Presidents or Business Leaders 

* Change Makers 

* Gifted Individuals 

* Heart-based Individuals 

Fitz only works with people from the Triple B Community and through Vistage Worldwide- The World's Leading CEO Organization.    


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Fitz coaches in the follwoing areas:

* Tapping Into Your Intuitive

   Intelligence And Downloading Wisdom

   for Guidance in Everyday life 

* Real estate investing 

* Launching A Start- Up Business

* C-Suite/ Executive Leadership Coaching 

* Mental Fitness and Positive Intelligence 

Mediations Recorded by Fitz Monthly
& Custom/Specialized Meditation /Visualization For a Fee of $497
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Fitz knows the power and healing that can occur when one practices meditaiton and visualization. For years she has been recording her own scripts and now offers the community free meditations, she also provides  a self-facilitated learning opporutnity for you to learn how to meditate.


And, if you'd like to get a customized meditation trailor-made for you, she will do it for you! This is for members only.