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I have had the experience of being a CEO, serial entrepreneur, mentor  and confidant to other CEOs and Leaders.  I know we want to work, collaborate with people and organizations that align with those who we can feel align with what we need. The alignment is felt in the heart, not in their brand, or their reputation.  I always have said, I want to know "WHO" you are, if I am going to work with you, not "WHAT" you are. Will you allow me to check into the heart energy before I work with you. 

For me, I want to work with someone who has a greater understanding of what it is they are doing to impact the world, or their market or industry.  It's more than just climbing the ladder, being the first, or monetary value. 

These organizations build cultures that have a purpose and meaning behind them. The leaders work on their inner self, and seek to be heart-based leaders. 

If your organization would like to be listed in this directory you must be a Triple B member, and an active community member. This is “THE” list not a list. 

This directory is available only to MEMBERS, and only members can be listed in it. 


FREE FOR ALL MEMBERS. Here's what you get when you list in this directory. (A free $450 annual value) 

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