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Happy Children

A child's heart is wide open when they are born. They are ready to receive love and be guided by their innate intuitive intelligence to grow. They exercise their will in every moment, use their imagination, and grow at an amazing rate. 


Just watch a child and you will see them be BOLD, BEAUTIFUL, and BRAVE. They are bold when they take their first steps, they are guided by their inner wisdom as they explore, and they have a tremendous will that that start to exercise around the age of three!


Unfortunately, as children grow, they get indoctrinated and imprinted with belief systems from our family constructs, schools, churches and not all of them offer a guidance system on how to manage their emotions.


In fact, most teachers will tell a child to stop day dreaming. Wouldn't it be great that instead of saying "no" daydreaming we gave the kids time to sit and daydream? It is the first stop to opening the door to imagination and creating.

Fitz wants to change that by offering The Triple B Community children's programs that will give our members ways to guide their children's imaginations, lead their hearts and encourage their minds to become aware of their emotions. There are three specific member offerings we will be providing the children of our community.


Fitz loves to keep a tune in her head and knows that music is an effective way for children to feel and experience the energy of love. She also likes to exercise her artistic flare creating cartoons to go with those songs. So, in the children's area, you will find cartoons and songs that your kids can sing and learn. Here is a cartoon of Fitz and her granddaughter singing The Triple B Song. 


Fitz in the moment using her imagination and a child's suggestion of what the story should be about.  She began these stories when her grandchildren asked her to "Tell me a story G!" -- and she would reply..."How does the story begin?"  The stories always involve four imaginative characters Rinky (the prayerful one) Dinky (the drama one) Stinky (the stinking strong) and Thinky is the one that uses his thinker!   

In addition, Fitz will open the suggestion box for kids of The Triple B Community to suggest what the stories should be about. 


Daily Fitz receives downloads from her Innate Intuitive Intelligence and often will be instructed to share them with the Triple B Community. These simple 2–3-minute lessons can be used to teachable lessons for children, teens, and adults. Many of the lessons are about how to move through life with ease and grace. 

RAISING MENTALLY FIT KIDS - Your KIDS and FAMILY Get This FREE When You The Member Enroll! 

Positive Intelligence / Mental Fitness for Kids. Imagine what would happen to our world if we raised mentally fit kids. If our kids learned that they could not trust every voice in their own head, if they learned to discredit their own Saboteurs, if they developed Self-Command, and if they were able to activate their own positive Sage powers.

What would happen to their ability to withstand bullying, flawed teaching, and even abusive parenting? What kind of politicians would those kids grow up to elect? What global community would they create?


We offer an amazing program that was born out of many years of research within Stanford University by Shirzad Charmain. This program is available for adults, businesses and now for our children!

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