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How To Stay Out of Life's Muck

Course Objectives

Welcome to this experience, inspired by Cathy "Fitz" Fitzhenry's (Fitz's) second book in the Heartbeat series, titled "Heartbeat: How to Stay Out of Life's MUCK and Tap Into The Love Wisdom." This experience complements "Unleashing Your Intuition," another online offering by Fitz. Students and and participants will be automatically enrolled in the Intuition Matters Group. Participants of this experience will have access to the Intuition Matters Group - where peers meet up to discuss their journey and connect with Fitz. In "How To Stay Out of Life's MUCK and Tap Into The Love Wisdom," Fitz deepens your understanding of how to leverage your inherent intuitive intelligence to navigate life's challenges, which she refers to as MUCK. The experience comprises nine videos, each averaging about 15 minutes in length. Here's a breakdown of the lessons and their respective topics: LESSON ONE: Consciousness and Energy LESSON TWO: Everything is Energy and Vibration LESSON THREE: Stopping the Egoic Self, Also Known as MUCK LESSON FOUR: Dare to Believe LESSON FIVE: Bless the MUCK LESSON SIX: Mental Fitness and Releasing Trauma and MUCK LESSON SEVEN: The Innate Intuitive Intelligence and Love Wisdom LESSON EIGHT: The Steps to Learning How to Download and Tap Into the Love Wisdom LESSON NINE: 20 Signs You Are Tapping Into the Love Wisdom We trust that this experience will furnish you with invaluable insights and tools to access your own love wisdom and lead a more fulfilling life.


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