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Cathy "Fitz" Fitzhenry-
Founder Of The Triple B 

CEO- CSF Marketing Services/ / 

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Fitz loves to be an Extra-Ordinary Connector of People 

Fitz always has multiple adventures that she is focused on as she is has a creative business mind, and uses her Innate Intuitive Intelligence to guide her daily.


In the business world, she has made her mark by being a serial Entrepreneur and currently she acts as a Professional Board Chair for Vistage Worldwide, the world's leading CEO Organizations.  She acts as a CEO Mentor, Coach and Confidant to over fifty CEOs across the country.


She is the author of the book, HEARTBEAT: Why Heart-based Leadership and Courage Matter and is publishing her second book called HEARTBEAT:  Why Bold, Beautiful and Brave Matter. 

Many who are close to Fitz know her as a strategist, who has deep skills in launching businesses and putting them on the path to growth. She is also skilled in real estate investing and developing and has invested domestically and internationally and has also taught real estate investing and land development for investors worldwide.


Fitz loves kids and is the creator of "Rinky, Dinky, Stinky and Thinky" Children's Stories

Mental Fitness and Positive Intelligence are two muscles that Fitz uses in everyday life to get through the many challenges and adventures. She brings this training to many that she works with.

Fitz likes to soar with like-minded individuals and those who say "yes let's soar with the eagles!"  She loves to bring together and connect those with a growth mindset, who want to raise their level of consciousness and live an awakened life. 

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