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Launching Your Vision and Business 
with Fitz's Online Business Growth Program
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You had an idea because you found the solution to a problem...

You know there is business out there for you to capture yet...

You are not sure how to price your product or service...

You wonder how do you get people to buy?

Your thinking you don't stack up to the competition...

You have invested a great deal of time and there is no turning back, your idea has to

launch and it needs to be successful. 

Fitz knows the stress and confusion that a start-up faces. She is a serial entrepreneur and has been starting and launching businesses for over 35 years. Each year she selects a few passionate individuals who have a great idea, solution to problem, or a need that can get satisfied by launching a business. 

This learning experience is intensive. It' is offered only once a year, with a maximum of five individuals in a cohort/group. To be selected for this program and to become a mentee of Fitz you must go through a selection interview. Fitz does not invest in any of her mentee's companies and this is a learning experience that individuals must pay for.  Having "skin" in the game, is a big motivator. 

Participants will be taught how to develop: 

1)  a solid business model

2)  identify their customer segments and primary and secondary markets

3)  Put together pricing and offers

4)  Identify and understand what key partners they need

5)  Develop a go-to-market strategy

6)  Understand what a brand, competitive advantage and positioning is


Participants will have access to an online portal where droves of information provided by Fitz are stored. Additional private coaching sessions will be available for an extra cost.


This is a 6 Month Online Business Growth Program that meets three hours a month online via Zoom with their cohort and Fitz as the facilitator. In addition, members will be required to meet with Fitz privately so they can ask specific questions and tap into her mentorship. 


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